Welcome to your sanctuary for personal transformation! Our Teachable school is your dedicated space to embark on a profound self-discovery journey. Here, you'll gain invaluable tools to effectively reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Discover the path to inner peace and undergo a transformative experience that will reshape your life. Join us as we guide you towards a brighter, more serene existence. It's time to transform your journey within!

" I just got back into journaling and I love it.

Thank you for always being open to talk about

anything. I appreciate you & the time you put into


-Kaitlin on the self love course

Hi, I’m Kalynn Frechette

I am passionate about helping provide the tools for mental health, self growth, trigger releasing, stress and anxiety reduction in order to unleash your true self and find acceptance there in a realistic way that is achievable by anyone regardless of which phase of life you might be in.

Yoga and meditation found me in my darkest time when I was ready for a change. I was ready to no longer let my past that was full of triggers and trauma continue to sculpt my life. I was ready to move through those things and get curious about who I was.

I have taken my 200 hour training and mixed it with countless additional workshops in specialized areas, deep diving into sound healing, training to be an herbalist and holistic nutritionist and put it all together in order to make this material that is accessible to all. My passion is to share these tools with society in order to help us all move forward in the mental health world and learn how to embrace our emotions in order to make them our superpowers.